SDK Features

The ooVoo Video Chat SDK allows for the seamless integration of high-quality video communications into any existing application through a set of easy-to-use APIs. See how ooVoo, the video chat service of choice for over 80 million people in 130 countries is the right solution for your app.

Get up and running in no time

Getting started with the ooVoo SDK is simple. The ooVoo SDK encapsulates all the technical complexity of working with multimedia, so no video experience is required to begin developing. There’s no need to install anything – just import the ooVoo SDK files into your existing iOS or Android project and you’re ready to call methods and receive events. Along with software libraries, header files and documentation, the SDK includes a sample multi-party video chat application with the source code to get your feet wet.

We provide an easy-to-use interface to create applications with the ooVoo SDK and obtain application tokens for development. Download the SDK and get started today!

Multi-platform support

We offer full support to both iOS and Android development, with future releases for additional platforms, including a web SDK based on WebRTC.

Use the ooVoo SDK to power the visual connection layer in shared gaming, video and shopping apps and to facilitate video broadcasting, e-learning and customer service in professional apps. Download the free ooVoo SDK and see what video can add to your apps today.

ooVoo’s CloudCall Processing™ adds the oomph to your app’s video communications

With ooVoo's scalable, global cloud infrastructure, you can make the highest quality video calls from any device – easily integrating 1-to-1 or multiparty video communications in up to 12 devices out of the box*. Your users will be leveraging a proven network that already provides over 1 billion video minutes to millions of users each month.

The ooVoo network also has the strength to keep users connected. Our ConnectionLock™ technology automatically detects and adjusts for connection speed, which means less dropped calls.

Download the free ooVoo SDK today and get your users talking.

*ooVoo can support a higher number of maximum users in a conference session per customized arrangement.

Now with ooVoo SuperClear™

ooVoo’s patented technology, SuperClear™, delivers unparalleled call quality even during poor network connections. No more pixelation. No more annoying, paused video messages. No more speaking to a pointillist representation of your grandma.

Your users are your users

ooVoo doesn’t require your users to have an ooVoo id, a Facebook, Google+ or any other social media account. You can manage your users the way you want and we remain network agnostic. ooVoo is the only SDK that lets you decide how to manage your users.

Go ahead – size us up

The ooVoo SDK offers the developer complete control of the video window layout and design while handling the actual implementation of high performance video rendering for the developer. Learn more about how the ooVoo SDK hands you the keys to make development a snap.